$5 iPad Cases in ATT Online Store

by Ben Cook on April 30, 2011

Cheap iPad Cases from AT&T

Sometimes, being a geek and spending time online late Friday night has it’s benefits.

Just a few minutes ago my buddy Rick Galan tweeted that ATT was selling their iPad cases for $5 each. Naturally skeptical, I jumped over to AT&T’s website, found the iPad case page, and sure enough, a bunch of them are selling for just $5!

Now there are plenty of cases you can choose from, but I opted for the Otterbox Black Defender case which normally retails for $89.99! As if that weren’t enough, AT&T is offering free 2 day shipping on the cases as well.

I’m guessing these cases don’t work with the new iPad 2 and thus AT&T is looking to get rid of their inventory but I don’t know many iPad owners that will pass up the chance to get a $90 case for a five spot do you?

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