Discussing the Diggbar on The Drill Down

by Ben Cook on April 14, 2009

Last Friday my friends over at The Drill Down were kind enough to have me on the show to discuss my article on the SEO implications of the new Diggbar.

You can listen to the discussion here, or can watch the podcast below.

(Unfortunately due to technical issues only part of this week’s episode was recorded via Ustream.)

If you’d like to read even MORE about the Diggbar fiasco, here are a couple more solid articles on the topic:

And just for grins, Delicious today provided a perfect example of why content publishers are getting screwed by the Diggbar. As you can see in the image below (via Daring Fireball) the top Delicioused URL of the day is a Digg framed page. So instead of the content source getting the SEO benefit and URL exposure from Delicious, the link points to Digg’s version of the page. Once again, Diggbar = FAIL.

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