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Poker for a Good Cause

Poker for a Good Cause

by Ben Cook on November 8, 2009

I’m heading to Las Vegas this week for the internet marketing conference known as Pubcon.

This will be my second year attending and I can’t wait. Not only is there a TON of quality information to take in, thousands of people to meet & greet, and more free drinks than my liver knows what to do with… there’s also Poker.

Now, you’re probably saying “uh yeah, it’s Vegas of COURSE there’s poker.” And, naturally you’d be right.

purpose-inc-tourneyBut I’m specifically talking about the Purpose Inc (warning: slightly NSFW) Poker Tournament. Basically, all the IM’ers that know how to play the game end up playing in this tournament. It’s a high quality game (lots of marketers play poker, not sure why but it’s true), a TON of fun and is all for a good cause.

Last year’s tournament was for charity, and while this year’s isn’t officially supporting a charity, writing a post in support of a charity is part of the registration requirements.

For all the vicious names IM’ers are called (spammers, internet polluters, scum, etc) as a whole it really is a great industry. We never miss a chance to give back (for proof, just check out my SEO for Charity post that took of like wild-fire a while back).

The charity I chose to support is the East St. Louis Dream Center. Modeled after the LA Dream Center, the ESL DC supports people in the John DeShields housing project in East St. Louis IL. If you’re not familiar with ESL, it’s best known for it’s strip clubs and it’s crime. John DeShields is one of the rougher projects in the city but it’s near and dear to my heart.

I spent just about every Saturday afternoon for over 6 years in ESL visiting families, playing with kids, picking up trash, and delivering furniture. There are several families that I would consider as a part of my own family and watching the violence and poverty that surrounds them truly breaks my heart.

When a good friend of mine decided to invest even further into the area by moving in, I knew I had to support her organization in any way I could. It’s not often you see a skinny white girl walking confidently into John DeShields, not to mention moving there, but she has a heart of a tiger and loves that city.

So, it’s the least I can do to support the East St. Louis Dream Center, not only through this post, but also with 10% of whatever I win on my trip to Vegas. I really can’t think of a better cause to support and I’ll update you at the end of the week letting you know how it all goes.

If you’d like to support the ESL DC, you can do so via PayPal and remember, it’s tax deductible!

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