SEOmoz Hype Machine Strikes Again

by Ben Cook on June 7, 2011

SEOmoz Hype Machine

Update: This post is several months old but given recent events I figured it would be worth reposting just in case anyone missed it :D

Remember my SEOmoz Decision Making Flowchart? Well it seems the SEOmoz hype machine (is that what their robot actually is?) is at it again.

@ He'd like Ben on Q&A panel #mozinar, but revolutionizing world of SEO deserves a break: catch him at post event tonight
Gillian Muessig
are you all understanding what @ just dropped? #mozinar
Joanna Lord
@ Earthshaking! Game changing comes to mind. Ben's resting now - first time in a couple of days, I understand. Catch him tonight
Gillian Muessig
@: Remember, like 45 minutes ago, when links were really important? #mozinar #LDAcorrelationadata
Gillian Muessig

(3/4) Building a modeling system against a large num of docs (8+ mil), @ has created a highly correlated metrics for measuring.
Rand Fishkin

And the pièce de résistance…

RT @ et al: I don't want to say Ben just reverse engineered the remaining parts of Google algo, but... #mozinar //oh yes he did!
Gillian Muessig

Wow! That’s got to be one hell of a tool right? I mean those are some incredible statements being made there.

Unfortunately, the subject of that hype was SEOmoz’s new LDA tool that, in Rand Fishkin’s own words

“is not us “reversing the algorithm.” We may have built a great tool for improving the relevancy of your pages”

As usual there’s quite a bit of debate about whether SEOmoz’s conclusions are statistically sound or not, but I’m no where near qualified enough to weigh in on that. One must consider, though, the financial incentives acting as built in biases for SEOmoz’s studies.

However, it doesn’t take a mathematician to see that a familiar pattern of SEOmoz behavior playing itself out once again.

  • Ridiculous amounts of hype? Check (see tweets above).
  • Criticism? Check.
  • Attempted clarification? Check.
  • Praising any influential people offering criticism and apologize for unintended consequences? Check and check.

By my best assessment we’re only missing “SEOmoz throwing themselves on the mercy of the court, promising to do better next time after having learned yet another valuable lesson” to complete the cycle. I can’t wait…

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